Thursday, February 5, 2009

Business in Maine

After hearing the news last night, I was quite disturbed even though I am quite familiar with the reality. Maine was ranked one of the worst states in the country to start a business. Although I am born and raised a Mainer, I have to probably agree with this and it is because of our taxes. I am not one to believe everything I hear, so I have been doing some research online to see what I can find. I did find a few reports dating back a few years that basically state the same information that I heard on the news, dated news or not the accuracy is the same. You can see here:
Yesterday's news:

This is the part that bugs me from yesterday's news:
Hall admitted that Maine business owners are taxed to death. He said they have been fighting for years to lower the personal income tax each business owner must pay. That tax stands at 8. 5 percent of net sales.

Old News:

A fun [well fun to me because I am a knowledge seeker] place to poke around in for local business information:

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If anyone is in the Dayton, Maine area this coming Saturday, I will be 'vending' at the 'Gardens of Atlantis'...stop by and say hi!!

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