Monday, January 12, 2009

Things to Consider

Dave and I were talking on our way to Portland yesterday. We always take ideas and make them into yet more dreams. Everything doesn't have to be a dream though! Our license plate on our car says "DREAMRZ' and quite rightfully so! In any case, I am considering, heavily, making this blog into a full fledged website. I just have too much information for just a blog and have too many ideas rolling around in my poor brain, especially after reading the 2 comments I have received so far!

I would like the website to have information on how to start a business here in Maine and where to get the proper paperwork, which I still have to research myself, I would like to have interviews from 'up and comings' and 'brick and mortar' establishments (not chains!), I would like to make every possible resource for marketing yourself available in one stop, I would like to have upcoming venues available for the 'up and comings' and have many many more ideas.

I am also considering having 'sponsors' for a ridiculously low $30. a year! Not a month, a year!! Posting the banners and links to their websites, etc. So if anyone is interested let me know ASAP!!
My PayPal email is:

I received a comment from Matt Zito, who owns and runs ( <--also in Maine Links on the left)
This looks to be very interesting and worth checking out!!!

Thank you also for your comment!
I would like to address this in another blog entry!

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