Thursday, January 8, 2009


A small handful of you know that I was considering this idea. I needed a place to consolidate my thoughts, questions and ideas on being an entrepreneur in Maine. I also want to share with you things I have learned along the way. I am not even close to where I want to be, but I am for sure headed in the right direction and working my way to the goal/dream I have held for 15+ years now. I hope you will follow me and share your thoughts in comments as I work through day to day life living and working towards the ultimate in American dreams.

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  1. Thank you for gathering this info! Friends & I have sat around over a bottle of wine many evenings and disscussed the "business" of being an artist, and what that means. Art is from the soul, a life not a living...right? Oh sure, some of it is sell a work and make a profit it's a business, or you need to advertise and promote so it's a business...but still, some look down upon it as such...a dirty little capitalistic secret.
    I've been in business for more than a decade...I still don't know the proper resources I should be exploring! Thanks for a place to learn a little.